Monday, February 25, 2013

It's not that I'm ignoring you

It's that my life has become so hectic and busy I've barely had time to think! Especially to think about things like how my divorce affects my current wedding planning.

The truth is, for the most part, it doesn't. There are a few things that have come up, like.... trying to find my dissolution papers so that when we go to apply for our new marriage license, I don't have to send away for a new one, or things like who to invite because I invited the last time, but I'm not terribly close to anymore....

Mostly, I've been lucky and blessed (or earned, who knows) an almost entirely new life from the one I had previously. Some of the characters have remained, but many of them have changed places and changed roles in my life. I am living in a house that is better than I could have ever hoped for in my previous life, I am about to get my degree, be married, spend a year doing whatever the hell we want and then.... BABIES!

At least that's the plan. We all know how plans go. ;)

Wedding planning is even getting a slow ignore. I haven't had time to plan as much for our upcoming nuptials as I would like to have done by now. Although Alan did get our wedding website secured, he's working on getting it up and running soon. Waiting on some stuff done so I can order our "Save the Dates" and then I'll begin work on designing the invitations. I have some ideas, but they're pretty lofty and time consuming, and if nothing else, I have LEARNED from my last wedding. Time consuming can be very frustrating.

Family juggling, planning things like who will and won't be able to sleep over at the venue (we have room for 15 to sleep there, no charge, including Alan & myself), what everyone is wearing (arguing with future father-in-law about the pirate theme and how that means EVERYONE is dressing up), and what material to buy for my dress. Those are the pressing things....

But more so is finishing this semester. As usual, I've taken on a lot more than I probably should have, but it will be worth it in order to graduate before my wedding. I've taken on about 14 credit hours of classes plus an internship AND working part-time at Target still.

That shit cray.

Nothing profound to say today, just an update. Hopefully profound stuff to come soon!